2022 Graduate Thesis Work / Remembering Our Original Family Heirlooms: Accessible Education on Seed Sovereignty 

* Selected as a featured individual thesis project for the Parsons BBA Symposium out of ~20 total project selections from the graduating class of 2022.


Figure 1

The following graphic recontextualizes scientific / academic knowledge for consumption by the general public, drawing from two dense scientific articles related to the agricultural practice of selective seed saving / breeding to promote desirable crop traits. Design strategy: Brights colors, images, and visual hierarchy of font are employed to engage the viewer and establish visual flow. Academic terminologies are consistently defined to educate the reader while also ensuring reader accessibility. Figures are numbered to aid in visual flow and enhance specificity. 

Figure 2

The following graphic visual was developed as part of a larger visual identity for my thesis work. Appealing visual identity is utilized as a design strategy to engage viewers on academic, intersectional topics of social & scientific research.